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The Dragonfly Pathway


Your Divine I AM Pathway


Follow your light and light the way for others


This pathway is for people who wish to work to further their spiritual development and to start to work with others for the greater good.


The Spiritual Meaning of the Dragonfly is:

  • Being aware of the need for change and transformation

  • Being prepared to be adaptable

  • Bringing Joy and lightness is all you do

  • Helps you further your connection to the Divine I AM and the realm of emotions

  • Helps you dive deeper into your feelings

  • Helps you become aware of illusions and deceits, whether are external or personal and guides you to face them

  • Connection with nature’s spirits, fairies realms.


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Each of the sessions will be guided by the Angels to help people work with their spiritual gifts for the greater good and to aid their confidence in their gifts. These sessions are to jointly come togther to help bring more light to the situations.


Kathy will advertise topics and people can book to come together to work for the Highest Good.


The groups are kept small for a reason as it enables Kathy to support each person with their spiritual growth and also focus on the task in hand.


These are just some topics that can be covered


This list is not finite.

The group may:wish to find out more about the Archangels and how they can work with them

Visit their etheric retreats

To find out more about the Masters

To find out more about the rays and how to work with them

Connect to indivudal portals to bring in new energy and find out how to work with it for the highest good

Work on the inner planes

Connect to the Orbs and work with them

Connect to the Keys to the Universe and gain more enlightenment about them

Work collectively to strengthen the cosmic chakras and the Earth Chakras

Work to gain better understanding of the metaron cubework with the elementals

Work with Lady Gaia

Work with Gersisa

Work with Butyalil

Work with Purlimiek

Work with Felyai

Work with Fekorn.

I'©2013 Kathy Crosswell Rights reserved. Legal Disclaimer: Due to the laws governing demonstrations of Mediumship, Private Readings and other Spiritual Services, these are classified to be for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to, or will take the place of any Legal, Financial, Medical or any other Professional advice. By engaging in a Reading or other Spiritual Services you are agreeing to these terms and confirming that you are over the age of 18 years. This website contains information from higher beings with the intention for the greater good. It contains possibilities and guidance only and, in reading it, you accept that you have free will and do not have to follow any possibilities or guidance given. The use of the terminology healing or to heal means that I am a channel for the energy that the universal beings wish to share with you in that moment. I cannot and would not ever say I can heal another person but I am delighted to share the light energy with you..

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