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About Kathy

The Angelic Whisperer

I was born into a family that lived in a small country village.I grew up loving playing outside and making up games with my imagination. I can remember loving to copy my mum cooking but instead making mud pies! I used to spend ages watching the caterpillars with their many legs, with often beautiful long hairs on their backs; and then over night they became a chrysallis; all still and hard on the outside, yet moving with transformational growth on the inside and I would wait patiently until the magnificent butterfly or moth appeared. I fell in love with nature. My connection to Lady Gaia started at this early age.y

I must admit I found school to be a bit of a challenge as I wanted to be learning what I wanted to learn. So some lessons I loved and others well hmmmm! I loved science as it made me think. I loved literature as it took me to places I had not yet reached. I was totally hooked on the Ancient Greeks and the South American cizilizations, along with many other ancient cizilizations! Little did I know at this time that I was connecting into some of my prior life knowledge! 

During these early childhood years I was often visited by Spirit and as I was not yet knowledgeable about my gifts, I was very scared! I know that for most of my childhood and teen years I used to sleep completely covered by my bed clothes, apart from my nose, so that the Spirit who climbed the stairs every night and walked into my bedroom to look out the window would not see me! If only I knew what I know today!

My gorgeous cat Zebedee came home battered and blooded one day and my parter of that time and I were drawn to hold him tightly. Our hands become red hot and we could see him relaxing in our hands. He fell asleep and after about 20 minutes of very hot hands our hands went cold and he slept peacefully. About an hour later he work up, spritely and bushy tailed! Ful of vitality. Gave himself a wash and then went out again! This was my first truly remembered experience of healing and what started me on my pathway of exploration into me!

I have spent 40 years understanding my ability to connect to the angelic beings. In the early years I worked with a beautiful angelic guide called Lone Wolf. He suited my personailty beautifully as he was very cheeky and often played me up but in a very disciplined way! This was fantastic learning for me, as it taught me quite quickly to understand the difference between my thoughts and channelled guided information. He also brought to me my connection to ancestral beings of light.

For any of you out there who feel suddenly disconnected, it is often when those who have guided you for so long, just vanish! Well, this happened to me one day. It was as if I didn't know how to be me. My higher guidance was missing. This lasted about 2 days until my human energy adjusted to a new guide called Sousimuku! A very strong and to the point Tibetan Monk! I spent the next year being directed to become more disciplined and on occasions being told excatly what to do!

Then over time as my discilpine grew, along with my knowledge and understanding Sosimuku stepped aside for me to work with Wywyvsil. A being of such purity who teaches the angelic beings in the inner planes and guides all sentient beings from this planet and beyond to take all the necessary steps to ascension. I have worked in harmony with Wywyvsil and Our Lady of the Light for so many years now, bringing messages from Mother and Father God and the angelic realm for all who wish to hear. It is with this guidance that I decided to walk through the Dharmic Gateway to become a Spiritual Author and to work in service of the light.



During this journey my brother George introduced me to Orbs. He was a very gifted spiritual philosopher and had studied Orbs for many years. He became very poorly and just before he passed into the light, he asked me to take over from him and to share the wonder of Orbs! I love Orbs and will honour his legacy by introducing people to them, sharing thier messages and how to work with them.



My passion is to help people understand their energy and to help them to walk their life in a spiritual way connected to their Divine I AM and to continue to develop my gift throughout this lifetime and beyond! 

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