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November 22nd, 2021 - ‘Relax the Mind and Aid Sleep Meditation'


Take a Guided Meditation Journey with Kathy Crosswell, International Author and Spiritual Life Coach.

Kathy is an International Spiritual Author with a natural gift to channel messages from the higher realms of light. She is an energy reader and healer who brings people on individual journeys to become the best version of themselves and to open them to walk their pathways of light. Kathy brings channelled guided support to enlighten, empower and illuminate people through meditations, talks, workshops, longer courses and her sought-after one-on-one sessions.

Kathy will take this one-hour guided journey Monday 22nd November 2021, at 7:30 pm GMT. Time in the New York 14:30 pm. Time in Sydney 06:30 am. Time in Munich 20:30 pm

​Kathy has been guided to align this journey with planetary aspects to quiet a busy mind and to bring a calmness to the emotional body. This is needed in November as the planetary alignment may ‘touch a nerve’ making it harder to be objective creating an over-analytical mind, a sensitive emotional body, and disrupting sleep patterns.

It is the perfect time to own thoughts, actions, and personal spiritual awakening. Making personal positive changes which will create a ripple felt by everyone and this will ripple on and spread around the world. It is a time for positive change, for spiritual awakening and action.  The New Dawn is here.

©2013 Kathy Crosswell Rights reserved. Legal Disclaimer: Due to the laws governing demonstrations of Mediumship, Private Readings, and Other Spiritual Services, these are classified to be for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to, or will take the place of any Legal, Financial, Medical or any other professional advice. By engaging in a reading or other Spiritual Services you are agreeing to these terms and confirming that you are over the age of 18 years. This website contains information from higher beings with the intention for the greater good. It contains possibilities and guidance only and, in reading it, you accept that you have free will and do not have to follow any possibilities or guidance given. The use of the terminology healing or to heal means that I am a channel for the energy that the universal beings wish to share with you at that moment. I cannot and would not ever say I can heal another person but I am delighted to share the light energy with you.

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