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This is an ONLINE workshop. To attend this worlshop you will require a webcam and audio. You will be sent a link to the event via Email. It is easy to do. A simple click on the link will download some temporary software which you click on and it opens up the workshop. You will need to click on your video button when the software opens.

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Online Place Rate £25

Calling all Enlightened Souls!


I'd love for you to join me and Scott Grant on the journey of self-love and selfless love, of kindness, bliss and joy for you and the world.

We would like to invite you to join us in a workshop for a day of joy and bliss working with Archangels, Seraphim, Ascended Masters, Orbs, Singing Bowls, Ascension planets and so many more wonderful beings of light to Awaken the Divine I AM Presence and to aid with the self-mastering of this connection.

The 12 Steps

Become a Grounded and Protected Master

  1. Ground

  2. Protect

  3. Cleanse

Breaking down of the Old

  1. Letting go of the old

Activate the Divine I AM within

  1. Connect to the Divine Essence of who you are

  2. Connect to the Archangels through the 5th dimensional aspect of your chakras

Awakening and Mastering Abundance Through Love

  1. Opening the Gateway to Abundance by locating your spirit essence

  2. Mastering the Higher Dimensions of the Heart to let go and trust without resistance

  3. Connect the inner child to Mother Father God through the crystalline lotus

Anchoring your Divine I AM within the Human Self

  1. Connecting to and working with the 12 Rays of light

Being the Divine Bliss and Joy of your I AM Presence

  1. Accessing the Divine I AM golden qualities

  2. Charging your Divine I AM Helix Bridge


We will ground you by anchoring you to hollow earth crystal pyramid; we will bring 5th, 7th and 12th dimensional protection; we will cleanse through invoking Archangel Gabriel, fire dragons, salamanders and unicorns and the golden silver violet flames and diamond light of transmutation; we will open you to receive and expand; we will support you to break down lower ego created 'stuff' held in each chakra using singing bowls and invoking the Archangels to support you to let go; we will invoke the Archangels to activate and awaken the Divine I AM within helping with the understanding and connection to the Divine Essence of who you are; we will help you to master the higher dimensions of the heart and help you to let go and trust without resistance to master abundance through love by locating your spirit essence; we will help you to anchor your Divine I AM within the human self by working with the Masters of the 12 Rays and to be the Divine bliss and joy of your I AM Presence through a global love meditation; accessing the Divine I AM golden qualities and charging your Divine I AM helix bridge.

This self-mastery and comprehension to do everything from a place of love is what is needed to return our wonderful existence and connection with Lady Gaia (our beautiful Mother Earth) to Golden once more.

Following this work shop the friendships formed will be deep and profound and help us all to continue on this journey of strengthening the Divine I AM within.

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