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Archangels Zadkiel, Uriel and Mother Mary –  CD/MP3


Kathy and Scott have created this CD/MP3 to bring support to those who are struggling with fear and anxiety. We are offering this free, as a way of bringing relief from these consuming energies, to as many people as possible.


The energy of this CD/MP3 will help you to shake off fear and any resulting anxiety and bring you an expansion of space in which you can draw on your higher guidance and remove you from any limiting thoughts.  Archangel Zadkiel offers you the violet flame to burn away negativity from your auric bodies which you may have created through your thoughts or actions and also the negative vibes of others and the global consciousness of fear; Archangel Uriel transmutes this energy into the highest light and sprinkles this golden light back onto your auric bodies, whilst strengthening Divine will, and Mother Mary holds you in love to comfort you and bring you the most loving hug; all of which breaks down the ego centric focus on fear and opens us to the limitless possibilities of a world full of kindness, joy, laughter and love.


You are asked to set your intention to let go of anything that is stopping you shifting into balance, harmony and Divine alignment. If you feel any resistance or control, place this resistance or control in a bubble and hand this over, whilst giving complete permission for this to be overridden and transformed into the highest light. As you fully let go you will feel a deepened sense of peace and love and a sense of confidence that you are accessing guidance from your higher self. Be enlightened!

Archangels Zadkiel, Uriel & Mother Mary Love & Violet Flame Meditation

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