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Turtle in the Reef

Journey to the higher space of oneness.

Each session will be online and last 2 hours. During this time, we are blessed to receive attunements with the Masters of the Ascension planets and are welcomed into the inner realms of the Archangel etheric retreats, we align to Roquiel and Seraphina and then journey through the ascension portals with Gaia.


There will be a workbook for you to follow and you are encouraged to meditate daily to help, and you are encouraged to meet with other members of the course to talk through your experiences. The beginning of each session will be a discussion to cover any areas that have arisen during the week.

The 10 weeks will commence 9th March 2022 19:30 – 21:30 pm and will cover.

A journey through the Archangels etheric retreats strengthening your personal connection to the Archangels

Attunements to the ascension aspects of the Metatron Cube

12 Masters of Venus                            12 Masters of Pleiades

12 Masters Neptune                            12 Masters Sirius

12 Masters Orion                                  Roquiel


Connection to Oneness – a journey with Gaia through the ascension portals.


This course is limited to 20 people only. The course will not run if less than 6 people book due to the dynamics of the course. Cost £350.

Book your place on the course here or submit the form 


Turtle in the Reef

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